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What is the WDBC Advisor Group?

The WDBC Advisor Group is a special affiliated category for firms that work with engineering companies in some capacity in the water design-build sector. The purpose in creating this category is to provide a means for WDBC members to further engage and actively work with affiliated businesses in the pursuit of achieving best practices required for the design-build delivery of water and wastewater systems.

For those firms, this participation approach provides those water industry practitioners who support the mission and vision of WDBC with distinct engagement opportunities to pursue business ventures and gain further recognition of their services in the water design-build industry.

Who Should Join the Advisor Group?

This group includes firms providing a variety of services in the water design-build industry such as legal, financial, equipment suppliers, non-engineering consultants, contractors, vendors, trade associations, and academic institutions.

What Do WDBC Advisors Do?

As a WDBC advisor, a representative of your firm will actively:

  • Participate in work groups and committees to develop practitioner guides that improve the practice of collaborative delivery
  • Provide input into ongoing industry research, surveys, and studies
  • Support and participate with the WDBC in its ongoing education program

Immediate Advisor Firm Benefits

  • Direct engagement opportunities with other member firms
  • Access to select WDBC member publications, research documents, and educational tools
  • Opportunity for education and training sessions for staff members
  • Company acknowledgment on WDBC’s website and publications such as the WDBC E-News
  • Opportunity to contribute blogs that address industry practices and issues
  • Advisor member certificate for company use in exhibits and promotional materials
  • Representative (selected unanimously by regular members) on the WDBC Board of Directors
  • Represented on the WDBC Executive Committee by an advisor liaison (regular member) who interfaces with the advisor representative and advisor members to, among other things, help the advisor members effectively participate in the Council

 Advisor Contribution

  • $6,000 annually
  • In-kind participation in advisor workgroups
  • In-kind collaboration to promote objectives

Become an Advisor

Apply Online

Download Advisor Application

Email completed application to:
Mail to:
Robert Golden, Business Operations Manager
P.O. Box 13333
Denver, Colorado  80202

All membership applications are approved by the WDBC Board of Directors. The application includes a signed statement that the applicant will abide by the WDBC bylaws and antitrust compliance policy and all other policy documents of the Council.